Guide for Piano Lesson Series (for Little Fingers) #1

Try to keep it fun. Music is a wonderful activity and it comes from within. Try to avoid any negative feelings on what the young pianist is working on as this will directly effect his/her progress and in many cases lose ones interest in studying the instrument. So Make sure the student is always working within their ability in the daily time that is allowed for practice.

At young ages I find that short exposures at a time work best. In fact even stop the practice session early, with the student wanting more. This will work wonders for the next session of practice. Look for those signs within your child. Wandering eyes, inability to focus, he or she clearly knows the answer, but answers incorrectly repetitively. These are just a few of the signs that will indicate it is time to take a break… Do not push your young learner to practice through these signs as it will eventually become an activity they will not want to partake in. So keep it short and they’ll have fun.

posted by | Katherine