Poco A Poco

(Summer Camp for 4-5 yrs old)

1 session card ($100, 1 month, 4 weeks consecutive)
2 session card ($200, 2 months, 8 weeks consecutive)
1 session daily drop in ($25)


(monthly lesson package that varies 3~5 individual lessons per month)

30 min ($60/lesson)
40 min ($80/lesson)
50 min ($100/lesson)
60 min ($120/lesson)



Please give at least 48 hours notice of a weekly canceled lesson. By giving us the proper notice, it will provide the instructor(s) enough time to adjust the schedule. No refunds will be given for a missed lesson without any notice or cancelled less than 48 hours, unless missed by the instructor.

A make-up lesson is not required of the instructor if the student misses the lesson without any notice prior to the scheduled lesson.

Credits will be given for lessons are cancelled at least 48 hours in advance.

Hibernation/termination of lessons must be done with the minimum of 30 days of notice.
The responsible party must call or email the office of OPUS PIANO STUDIO, to inform the office of canceling.